RusVata in Tashkent

RusVata in Tashkent

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WTMA team organized a tour for RusVata (Russian Federation), in which representatives of this company visited combed yarn production enterprises September 11-12, 2019.

During this short period of time, negotiations were held with representatives of Bakan Tex, Global Textile Solutions and Barakat Alfa.

As a result of the negotiations, both the Russian company and the Uzbek enterprises agreed to develop further cooperation and increase the supply of combed tow.

This tour was not limited only to visits to enterprises, but the second part included visiting the Chorsu market and getting to know the national color, textile products from national fabrics (adras, atlas), the architecture of the old city, and Uzbek cuisine. National spices, ceramic dishes, and dried fruits were especially delighted.

We hope that the visit of the RusVata delegation was productive.

We look forward to once again in our sunny country.