Tex Area

Tex Area

In the first decade of July 2020, the WTMA team presented the Tex Area advertising and analytical catalog, which is a specialized one, since it is dedicated to a separate sector – light industry. This catalog includes a marketing review of the global market of cotton, textile, silk, leather, logistics, as well as analytical articles about the fashion industry.

In the first edition, the WTMA team publishes analytical materials on the production, export and import of cotton, cotton yarn, fabrics, and finished products. WTMA monitors the statistics of the world market of hosiery and underwear. In the catalog you will find many interesting facts about the silk industry.

Published articles and research are intended for a wide range of readers, including textile factory managers, light industry specialists, textile and fashion business marketers, clothing designers, students of textile faculties, as well as the general reader.

TEXAREA is published not only in paper format, but also in electronic one.

You can download it in telegram channel https://t.me/WTMA_UZ.